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The SurfVolley Approach

We aim to create an environment to allow kids to explore a new sport, with new skills and learn the art of teamwork in an inviting and safe environment allowing them to build a new level confidence in themselves and others!

Outcomes & Objectives

The key objective of the SurfVolley program is to increase participation in beach volleyball at the grassroots level and educate young athletes about this fantastic team sport!

Our ultimate goal is to build confidence, teach teamwork, and learn new skills. Beach volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports for many reasons. Not only is it a fun way to exercise and stay healthy, it teaches our kids life skills that transfer from the court to every day life.  Communication, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork are just a few of the characteristics that our kids will walk off the sand with through the SurfVolley program. SurfVolley allows kids to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age, and grow to develop these skills every year.


As always safety is our number one concern when working with our SurfVolley kids. Our coach to player ratio gives each participant the attention they need to meet their full potential in the safest environment possible . We work with all of our kids to ensure from day one that they understand how to avoid potential injury by learning correct technique and training (including an all-important warm up!)

All of our SurfVolley coaches are first aid trained and have the appropriate working with children qualifications.


How long do they play?

Each club is different, however there will be designated 30-45 minute rotations for the kids to experience beach volleyball and learn some new skills.

How long does the program last?

4 weeks is the trial period for each club. Should the club want it to continue then we will discuss how to integrate it into the program in following seasons.

Who can play?

Anyone who is a Nipper at a participating SLSC (all ages) can play. All levels are welcome from beginners to kids with experience.

What do I need to supply?

Like any beach sport, water and sunscreen are a must! SurfVolley will provide all the necessary equipment for a fun day in the sand.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Since SurfVolley is run through your local SLSC, all weather inclement will follow the clubs guidelines. Please contact your local surf club if you have any direct questions regarding bad weather policies.

If my child misses any of the sessions, will they fall behind the rest of the group?

Absolutely not! Volleyball is such a great sport because it can be played at any age or skill level. If your child misses a few sessions, they will catch up when they return.

What happens if my child becomes injured?

All of our coaches are certified for working with kids, and are familiar with volleyball related injuries. SurfVolley will follow your local SLSC guidelines regarding any injuries during the nippers program.

Can I buy a volleyball or net system?

Absolutely, go to the shop button at the top of the page and place it in your shopping cart.