Program Overview

The SurfVolley program began by providing kids in Nippers the opportunity and option to play beach volleyball on our beaches at participating Surf Clubs. By providing a fun, engaging, team based sport in an inspiring environment we encourage kids to be themselves whilst learning some new skills.

In 2017 the vision of SurfVolley has grown to involve school groups and adults and so now, SurfVolley is about providing grassroots opportunities and building beach volleyball communities.  We do this on the beach – at participating Surf Clubs and look to provide a place where the beach volleyball communities can thrive outdoors – providing coaching and competitions for kids and adults alike.

Our 2020 Vision

SurfVolley is about building participation in the exciting sport of beach volleyball and creating the champions of the future. Equally of value to us is the development of recreational and social activities for all who enjoy what beach volleyball has to offer. One of our many goals is to have SurfVolley kids competing in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

About Nat Cook OAM

SurfVolley was founded by Olympic athlete and FIVB Hall of Fame inductee Nat Cook at the start of 2013.
After competing in 5 Olympic games and winning a Bronze (1996) and Gold(2000) medal Nat has retired from competitive Beach Volleyball, however her passion for the sport continues.  Working with a number of partners such as Surf Clubs and The Australian Volleyball Federation, Nat has designed a structured program that will not only boost youth participation numbers in Beach Volleyball and leave a strong legacy for the future of the sport in Australia, but also provide an additional fun and new activity for Nippers that promotes fun and teamwork!


The major goals of the SurfVolley program are to:

  • Increase the youth participation of all participating Surf Clubs by 25% by 2020
  • Increase the youth participation of Beach Volleyball by 25% by 2020
  • Increase adult participation of Beach Volleyball by 25% by 2020
  • Bring SurfVolley to 50,000 Nippers with 200 active coaches by 2020


1.  Everyone’s a Winner

2.  High Five Ya Mate

3.  Beach Fun

4.  Instil Confidence in All

5. Have a Go

Together We Win

The beach culture is fundamental to many Australians and SurfVolley is a program that aims to strengthen this by bringing two neighbours together with a view to keep the kids engaged in the great beach lifestyle for longer.

If there are more kids involved in Nippers and Surf Clubs become the place to go to for our youth to play beach volleyball then both sports win. And ultimately, our kids win by being involved in two of the healthiest activities in the country.

Likewise – when two communities (Surf Clubs and Beach Volleyball come together, we can provide much more for our respective members)

Nat Cook  – From Nipper (1984) to Olympic Gold Medalist (2000)

My love for the water started when I was little. My mum, Beverley, was a swimming teacher and so I started “learn to swim” at a young age.

Nat - Nipper to Olympic GOLD 1As I got older my swimming teacher, Mr McLeod, suggested I have a go at Nippers on Magnetic Island. I joined the Arcadia SLSC and fell in love instantly. This in turn worried my swim coach and so I was summoned back to the pool! The exposure I got through sand running and flags must have paid off, because as my sporting journey twisted and turned I explored all sorts of sports. I stumbled upon a notice on the school notice board that read – “VOLLEYBALL TRIP TO CANADA and AMERICA” I raced upstairs to the PE department and said to Mr McGuire, “What’s Volleyball?”. And the rest as they say is history!

Once Beach Volleyball was announced as an Olympic sport in 1993 (for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics) I had found my calling. Sand between my toes again, and I was home!”