Dee Why SLSC                       Warren Hannam, Nippers Coordinator

Firstly I would like to thank the entire SurfVolley team. Nat Cook and Kerri Pottharst and the coaches we have had, and to all the admin staff I have dealt with to now.

We have had date and time changes over the summer, not to mention the numbers and time the kids have with the coaches. Your team’s flexibility has made this program what it is.

Just another part of beach culture – all of us need to embrace and have a change from all the same flags, sprint, swim, board, education that now goes on. Let’s face it soccer games, touch footy, dodge ball what ever you do to keep the kids entertained during nippers is valuable, as it will keep them coming to the beach. That’s what it’s all about!

Dee Why Surf Club will be incorporating SurfVolley into the 2015/16 with bells on.

Port Noarlunga SLSC                                             Donna Thomas, JAC

I wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of Port Noarlunga SLSC.

Not only were the trainers on the day exceptional especially on a rather windy day, the kids absolutely loved the volleyball and were talking about it all afternoon.

Our experience was completely positive, the trainers engaging, enthusiastic and professional.  They were very flexible around our changing weather conditions and nothing was too much trouble.

Mt Martha LSC                                                 Peter Johnstone, JAC

MT Martha Life Saving Club was fortunate enough to be part of a four week program of SurfVolley in January and February 2015.

The SurfVolley activities were incorporated into our nippers program rotation and all nippers from under 6 to under 14 were able to participate. The activities involved skills development to competitive games and were well structured, professionally coached and enjoyed by all.

The equipment supplied ideally suited the age groups and was easily assembled and dismantled in a timely manner.

Those nippers that are not suited to water based activities particularly enjoyed the inclusion of SurfVolley and all nippers were interested in the variation to our regular program.

I would highly recommend the trailing of SurfVolley activities being included in nippers programs as our nippers found it a positive experience that increased participation and enjoyment on the beach.

Black Rock LSC                                             Justine Birchall, JCM

I can certainly report that the kids loved the experience learning the SurfVolley skills. The coaches were terrific – friendly and easy to work with.

As a ’boutique’ club with reasonably small numbers, it is a concern to some of our members that another sport might entice some kids away. Swimming in open water is a challenge for young kids, and we need to keep them coming back year after year to acquire the confidence that enables the surf swims and irons in older years. Another way to look at it though is that the fun of the volleyball might keep some coming back to nippers in order to keep learning their water skills.

Kawana Waters SLSC                                            Jason Lenske, JAC

Being in an open beach surf environment we have significant group of our nippers drop away as the season progresses with children fearful to enter the water and then conversely parents sick of having to drag the kids along. We saw SurfVolley as an option to encourage those kids with hesitation in the surf to attend each week and attend an activity they could look forward to. The hope is by offering more variety in the program we are increasing our chances for children to remain in the nipper group until they build their confidence in the water and just give the entire sport away.

I see SurfVolley as a great way to keep kids engaged in our Nippers Program as confidence in the surf can take a couple of years for some. Since implementing the program we have seen some re-invigorated kids wanting to attend each Sunday.

As JAC I have lost count of the times parents have approached me on the beach to thank us for organising the SurfVolley sessions.

Venus Bay SLSC                                                       Robyn Kaye, JAC

Because the vast majority of our members do not live in the area, Venus Bay SLSC runs a compacted Nipper programme over Christmas and New Year. It offers a fast paced schedule of activities, however, we found that incorporating a trial of SurfVolley into our beach events was extremely well received. The benefits were not only felt in the Nipper programme but also amongst our ex-Nippers who found another fun event to add to the list of water safety and  patrol.

Freshwater SLSC                                                Grant Morrell, JAC

We introduced the SurfVolley program into out regular nipper schedule for 4 weeks. The SurfVolley team brought another flavour to our Sunday morning sessions.

The kids were engaged and really enjoyed the experience. There were skill sessions as well as games. Parents got involved, kids were working together in teams and there were plenty of smiles.

Point Lonsdale SLSC                                   Justine Kiely-Scott, JAC

SurfVolley has been a great addition to our Nipper Program. It was wonderful to have a true ‘team’ sport incorporated into our rotations of flags, sprints, wade, swim and board paddling. SurfVolley instructors were enthusiastic and engaging and our Nippers certainly has a lot of fun while learning  a new skill. We are happy to expose Nippers to another sport they may like to continue outside the nipper program but there was no ‘push’ from the SurfVolley team to join up or take things further.

The feedback from parents and children was extremely positive.